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How the upgraded Dinky will benefit all of us
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What Community Members Say

"It is important to have a safe route for bicyclists and pedestrians to travel between Princeton and Princeton Junction."

– Hunter Labovitz

"It wouldn't be a trip to Princeton without the Dinky"

– Steve Kornacki, NBC News

"I have loved riding in the Arrow IIIs on the Dinky but with their retirement approaching, this is now the opportunity to look at bigger and better things"

– John Levai

"The NJT process has considered community input but could have done a much better job in its outreach and been more inclusive. Hopefully, that will be corrected going forward."

– Maria Juega, Princeton resident

"The Dinky upgrade will help seniors and others in the community stay connected through accessible local transportation. Princeton is an Age-Friendly community, and the Dinky proposal helps to bolster that mission as well"

– Donna Cosgrove, Princeton Senior Resource Center

"I love the Dinky and it could be even better."


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