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The Princeton Transitway Plan

NJ Transit is considering upgrading the service between Princeton Station and Princeton Junction Station. The current rail cars used for the much-loved "Dinky" branch line were put in service in the 1970s; maintaining them has become problematic as it is getting more difficult to source the required parts. After several rounds of public input, NJ Transit selected one corridor concept.


The corridor concept plan offers all of the following:


  • Electric light-rail cars running on a rail track between Princeton Station and Princeton Junction, much like the current Dinky

  • Electric buses on rubber wheels that use both lanes of the corridor but can also leave the corridor to go beyond the stations

  • All vehicles will be electric and have on-board WiFi

  • Bike & Walk path along the corridor to provide safe crossing over US Route 1, with connections at the D&R Canal towpath and at the Dinky Line Trail.

Learn more about the Dinky corridor upgrade at the NJ Transit’s Princeton Transitway site

NOTE: The map below is A CONCEPT MAP.
Details, such as any bus stop locations, are to be determined.



High Frequency

In the proposal, a light-rail car would be available every 15-30 minutes, and an electric bus every 10-15 minutes. In combination they can provide corridor service every 6-10 minutes.

Extra Stops

New stops that make the corridor more accessible are proposed at Canal Pointe Boulevard and at Roszel Road. Beyond the corridor, bus stops are proposed at key points in Princeton (route to be determined) and possibly West Windsor. Stops will have parking facilities for bicycles and scooters. Stops will have level boarding platforms.

Seamless Connection

The electric buses can provide a continuous connection between Princeton, Princeton Junction Station, and West Windsor with no changes or transfers. They do not have a dedicated bus lane, but traffic lights along the route will prioritize the buses.

Screen Shot 2022-09-29 at 4.56.19 PM.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there WiFi?

All vehicles are to be equipped with WiFi


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